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Career Trajectory

Successful careers don’t happen by accident. In fact, as popularity for highly sought after professions increases so does the competition. How determine dare you to have the career of YOUR dreams?  Career trajectory starts NOW. Listen as Candace talks about using your personal skills and interests to identify areas of opportunity that can ensure you land that top choice in your future profession. Learn about internships and how they can offer hands-on experience, giving you a competitive advantage amongst your peers.



A mentor is a trusted guide or a counselor. So, we ask, who have you chosen to be your guide to help you navigate the next steps in your education and career? In this video, Rebecca reveals the importance of finding a mentor and how to begin your search for the perfect mentor. It’s easier than you might think!


Needs, wants, and NO such thing as “in between”! In Budgeting, Yates High School students teach us about the essential practices of budgeting and prioritization. A core financial responsibility for ALL individuals, budgeting (unfortunately) isn’t formally taught in most U.S. schools. As a result, many minorities suffer from a lack of familiarity with its practical usefulness.


Face it, no one can predict the future, but successful people are prepared to deal with life’s unforeseen events. In this video, Candace speaks TRUTH about savings. Pay close attention as she speaks to the real purposes of funding a savings plan that allows you to maintain balance during the cycles of life, increasing your financial security!


Understanding the true importance of credit is more important now than ever. We’re constantly bombarded with offers daily. Here we allow you to learn more about how modern credit is used as a measuring tool to depict a person’s character and lifestyle habits. Understand how certain people and companies use credit as a determining factor in deciding whether or not they want to get to know you better. (Or: the better a person’s credit, the more money that person has to spend)

Paying for School

In this video, Ernest shows you the money—i.e. financial aid: what it is, what it’s used for, and even a few ways to obtain it. Start your career off right by using these tips to earn money for college well before you step foot onto campus and reduce the amount of debt you might otherwise have to repay from your first salary negotiation!

Social Media

We’re always connecting to our friends, family, and even strangers on the Internet. Rebecca has some key tips on how to make sure your social media presence gives off your best impression. Pro tip: keep it professional—you never know who’s going to see it!


At some point in your life, you’ll end up in an interview. Ernest has some key tips for acing your next interview. Remember, do your research and be prepared!


In this video, Ernest explains the importance of networking—the practice of building intentional relationships that are beneficial to you and to the other person. Solid networking skills can help you get into great schools, your dream career, and even expand your social circle!


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