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Corry Williams,
Assistant Commercial Lender, Frost Bank / Dance Instructor, Fountain of Praise Church

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Corry Williams:

Assistant Commercial Lender/Dancer, Frost Bank / Fountain of Praise

Highest Degree: Bachelor of Science in Finance

Meet Corry: an Assistant Commercial Lender at Frost Bank and a Dance Instructor at the Fountain of Praise Church.

Listen to Corry as he:

● describes his typical work day;

● talks about the importance of self-affirmation and having a strategic plan for daily tasks;

● details how after a traumatic childhood experience, he was encouraged by a teacher to pursue expressive arts and dance;

● and speaks about how he got into his finance and banking career, his love of numbers, mathematics, and problem-solving

Watch Corry as he delights in his love of being a banker and dance instructor and how he has satisfaction in both positions by helping other people and positively impacting their lives. He informs us about the balance necessary and sacrifices he makes to have two careers. Financially speaking, Corry stresses the importance of savings and living under your means. Most importantly Corry encourages viewers not to give up on yourself and never stop dreaming.

Michael Jackson,
Chief Marketing Officer at
Northwestern Mutual

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Michael Jackson:
Chief Marketing Officer, Northwestern Mutual

Highest Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Meet Michael: Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company.

Watch Michael as he discusses:

● describes his typical day and normal tasks at his organization;

● the journey he took along his career path;

● how his mentors help guide him to excel;

● and how being a student-athlete has taught him the importance of teamwork and helping others.

Watch Michael as discusses how the joys of traveling exposed him to people who did not look like him, how the Boys & Girls Club positively impacted his life and the importance of giving back and serving our community.

LaMecia Butler,
Director of Community Relations at the
Houston Super Bowl Host Committee

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LaMecia Butler:
Director of Community Relations, Houston Super Bowl Committee

Highest Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Meet LaMecia: Director of Community Relations for the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee

Listen to LaMecia as she:

●describes her role as Director of Community Relations and what a typical day consists of;

● details how she started her career path in the sports and entertainment industry;

● and talks about the most satisfying thing about her career.

Watch LaMecia as she discusses potential salary ranges for a public relations professional, what she does in order to relieve stress, and provides anecdotes about what she thought she wanted to be as child and how internships and exposure to various working environments helped her determine her true strengths and ultimate career choice.

Michael Fabiyi,
Human Resources (HR) Account Manager at Shell Oil Company

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Michael Fabiyi:

Human Resources (HR) Account Manager, Shell Oil Company

Highest Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Meet Michael: a Human Resources Account Manager at Shell Oil Company

Listen to Michael as he:

● describes his typical day and interactions as an HR Account Manager at Shell;

● details the steps he took in high school, through college and then on to graduate school that prepared him for his current role;

● speaks about past life and work experiences that gave him exposure to working with diverse groups of people;

● how a college internship prepared him for his current role in human resources;

● and informs us about what he enjoys most about his current career.

Watch Michael as he discusses how being a basketball player helped him to develop leadership skills, learn to work in teams, and how his experiences have translated into his professional life now.

Jonathan Chism,
History Professor at the University of Houston – Downtown

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Jonathan Chism:

History Professor, University of Houston – Downtown

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Religious Studies

Meet Jonathan: a minister, history professor, and lecturer at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). Listen to Jonathan as he:

● describes his typical day as a professor;

● details the journey he took, and the people who inspired and influenced him within his academic career;

● and talks about how he became a minister, a teacher, and a Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) in Religious Studies.

Watch Jonathan interact with members of his ministry, his family, as well as discuss what he enjoys most about his career, his passions, and being a leader within his community.

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